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  5. "Di mana bagian saya?"

"Di mana bagian saya?"

Translation:Where is my part?

September 25, 2018



i'm not a fan of this translation into english because it just sounds a little odd to me. but perhaps a native indonesian speaker can lend some light on possible context here?

the use of the english word 'part' brings to mind for me:

either 'spare parts', which i believe is 'suku cadang', but does 'bagian' also mean something similar?

or 'role', such as a part in a play, which i think is 'peran', but again can you use 'bagian' to indicate this kind of part?

otherwise i'd be inclined to say it differently in english, such as: 'where is my piece?', 'where is my section?', 'where is my share?', or just 'where is mine?'. hopefully these suggestions can be added to the database of acceptable responses.


"part, piece, share, section,portion" are added to the acceptable responses.

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