"I do not even ask."

Translation:Non chiedo neanche.

March 31, 2013

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Could "Non pure chiedo" work?


The previous sentence was "We even have fish soup", where Pure was translated to "even or also". The negative of that would be Non abbiamo pure"... right? So as someone learning it seems that "Io non pure chiedo" would be correct also.


Can someone explain the proper uses of anche and neanche? My dictionary translates neanche as "neither."


Hm 'neither' can be correct, but not that often; neanche is the negation of anche.

Beware that in Italian two negations don't cancel each other: when you negate the verb you also have to negate some other words, like anche in this case. It also applies to "Non vedo nessuno" (I don't see anyone or I see nobody), "Non so nulla" (I don't know anything or I know nothing), and so on.


Duolingo says "Neanche non chiedo." is incorrect but "Neanche chiedo." is correct. Does this mean that, when a negative style adverb such as "neanche" comes before "non", because the negative adverd also covers it, the "non" of the verb should be eliminated? I would like to thank in advance to all who would answer since I don't know how to find the topic to re-reply and at the link in the mail notification I use to see the replies, replying is not possible (or I failed to find how to).


Weird, the link in the email should just bring you back here; try to reset the url variables, i.e. remove everything from the question mark to the end of the url. For instance this comment page is http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/290060 (be sure to be logged in when you do).

Anyway, the rule might be as you say, I'm not really sure; another case that comes to mind is "neanch'io ci sono stato" (I haven't been there either), which seems to suggest it has to do with "neanche" introducing the sentence. This word order isn't very common, although it happens a bit more in speech.


Thank you for the reply. Strange but, contrary to previous cases, this time I am allowed to post this msg at the comment pg reached via the link in the mail reply notification. I have understood from your explanation to my question that, "neanche" (and maybe any other negative style adverb in Italian?) is not common to introduce a sentence and therefore should better not used at the begining of the sentence. Am I correct?


Well, I wouldn't say that: there are definitely situations where it makes sense to introduce a sentence with "neanche". Not that they can't be expressed with the usual order as well, but different word orders are used to express different nuances or underline different parts of the sentence. Although "neanche" is often used with no verb at all (e.g. "neanch'io", me neither) in those situations, this order is likely to happen for instance with "nessuno"; "Nessuno è mai arrivato fino a qui" vs "Fino a qui non è mai arrivato nessuno".


thank you so much!


can someone explain to me why 'non faccio una domanda' is incorrect?

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It has no 'even' in it - I think!


Other than the fact that there's no word for even in there, I believe the sentence to be a good translation.


And I'm not sure why Non neanche domando is incorrect...


Also I have noticed that when there are two negatives they often surround a verb, or at least another word. This link has quite a few examples of this.


the translation for EVEN says ANCHE/PURE/UGUALE ..so my answer is ''non chiedo anche''.....and it is wrong....you should add NEANCHE as first option then......

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