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  5. "Garam dan merica."

"Garam dan merica."

Translation:Salt and pepper.

September 25, 2018



Pepper is usually called lada in Indonesia.


Natrium is how salt is usually called.

Garam is mineral salt, not table salt that goes with lada.


Huh, stand corrected - it appears that in Westernised placed (I've never seen anywhere with such clean dishes and food served this way - perhaps Jakarta or Some city on Bali?


It is a photo of a packet of pepper with "merica" written on it, in fast-food script.

I think people don't realise it's not pronounced "[a]merica".

I guess a Lada was a worse car than a Skoda, back in the 90s in UK... Merica. Sial iya. Datang untuk menyelamatkan hari ibusialan, iya.

// im not teaching you guys bad words.


In indonesia we call it garam.


Black pepper is called Kaali( black) mirch (or mirc in indonesian way of writing) in hindi and urdu. Is this merica taken from Hindi?


I think I heard that the Merica word used as for the Chinese Sichuan Pepper (there are many Chinese living where I am in Indonesia).

I do not know about the Hindi - I do not know any Hindu people. In fact... I'm the only white guy in the city who isn't a tourist... There are a few Indians, but they are mostly students.

I will ask next time I meet one.


It should be "lada"

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