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"Do you still have a headache?"

Translation:Stále tě bolí hlava?

September 25, 2018



More literally: does your head still hurt?


Yes, and "Does your head still hurt" is an accepted translation.


Isn't "Stále vas bolí hlava?" right?


It is accepted.


Okay, one hour later I finally got this sentence again. :)

"Stále vas bolí hlava?" was marked as incorrect and the app suggested "tě" instead, but with right accent in "vás" Duolingo marked my sentence as correct. It is just one of Duolingo random bugs I guess.

Děkuji za rychlou odpovědět. :)


Why "Stále bolí tě hlava?" is incorrect? Is it too unnatural?


The second position rule for tě.


Thank you very much! But does this rule apply to all personal pronouns? For example is phrase "Nevšiml jsem si tě" wrong?


In "Nevšiml jsem si tě.", the "tě" is also in the second position. In fact, all of "jsem" "si" and "tě" are. See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920

In the same link read about constant and inconstant clitics. It answers your question about all personal pronouns. Some are constant clitics, some are inconstant clitics and some are not clitics at all. For example, tebe is not a clitic at all. There is also more in our Tips and notes.

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