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Have you ever copy and pasted Chinese and English subtitles from a FREE video?

I can also mouse over the Chinese subtitles too with Zhongwen.

Copy and pasted from this video in the link:

路天行 所有人都在这里 等你一个多小时了 Lu Tian Xing. Everyone has been here waiting for you for over an hour.

你到底在哪里 Exactly where are you?

愛上兩個我 Fall In Love With Me


September 25, 2018

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You can change the subtitles to other languages as well, this video has Vietnamese, Indonesian, German, French... subtitles available:

路天行 所有人都在这里 等你一个多小时了 Lu Tian Xing, mọi người đang chờ cậu hơn 1 tiếng rồi đấy. This is a copy and paste with Vietnamese subtitles selected.

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