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Reference to singular nouns (“...一個...”)

I can’t help but notice that in the placement test, it fails to identify singular nouns. When I write an answer in Chinese, such that “she is a teacher” is translated to “她是一個老師”, it marks me wrong. The alternative, “她是老師“ seems awkward, unnatural, and seems incomplete.

September 25, 2018



一个/一個 are often used when the object is a non-human subject. I would rather use一名, which are often used when the subject is a job position. 她是一名老师/她是一名老師。他是一名工程師。He is an engineer. To me, 她是老師 is fine, because it stated that she is a teacher, due to the fact that articles in Chinese can sometimes be omitted.


Nonetheless, it does occur when you didn't translate English to Chinese in a "Duolingo style." This also bothers me when I take Chinese course.

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