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  5. "उसका नाम पीटर है।"

"उसका नाम पीटर है।"

Translation:His name is Peter.

September 25, 2018



Is it true that this sentence can be either ''his name is Peter'' or ''her name is Peter''? Let's say Peter could be both man's and woman's name - I could not figure out the gender of the mentioned third party. Right?


Yes. You're correct. It could mean both. You could point to a woman, man or child and replace Peter with that person's name and leave the rest of the sentence as it is, and you would be correct.


Yes, unlike in English, third-person singular nouns in Hindi are gender neutral. In the case of possessive pronouns like उसका, this means that the gender of the possessor cannot be determined from the pronoun alone, only the context in which its used can give any indication of gender. It should be noted however, that the pronoun must agree in gender with the thing being possessed. In this case, that would be नाम (name) which is a masculine noun.


I actually tried "Her name is Peter." and it was marked as correct. Interesting thing to know honestly, but Peter is not actually a gender-neutral name, so I think it should thecnically be incorrect?


Hello, are you a foreigner???? Reply me please


Her used for female


Aww damn "His name's Peter" is not accepted...


Name's is not name is in "standardized English" (or at least its closest form), although you might say it that way in many dialects.

It is actually the possessive form of name:

(the) Name - one name

(the) Names - many names

the Name's - of the name

the Names' - of the names

That of corse, does not mean that it is wrong to say, but unless you quote somebody you should avoid writing it!


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Ya his name is Peter


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Does this functionally accomplish the same thing as ‌‍‌याहा नाम‌ पीटर है?


My Hindi is improved


I think "Their name is Peter" should be accepted but it wasn't for me just now.


Can we write ye naam peter hai


The sound is not at all clear and I lost my streak for right answersbecause the sound sounded very low.


That was showing "उसका नाम पिला है।" so I wrote "His name is Pila"

<h1>/ (:''(</h1>


Their* name is Peter


Yes, as a Transgender person, but think about it like this: For Duolingo their are many people.

And that is actually good so. People, who learn other languages, should learn to know the difference between third person singular and third person plural. It is already difficult to explain some people the difference between you as one person (thou) and you as many people (You all).

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