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  5. "Our mosques"

"Our mosques"

Translation:Misikiti yetu

September 25, 2018



When is it yetu & not yenu?


'yetu' is 'our', 'yenu' is 'your' plural


Why not Misikiti zetu? As misikiti is plural? Thanks!


Noun classes are essential to being able to understand how to correctly determine prefixes of verbs/adjectives/adverbs etc.

The word 'msikiti' is in the noun class 'U/I', and as such you'll have:

Msikiti ule ni wetu - Misikiti ile ni yetu

'Zetu' would be used for the plural form of nouns in the noun classes:

'U/Zi' (e.g. Ukuta wetu una ufa - Kuta zetu zina nyufa)

'I/Zi' (e.g. Nyumba yetu ni safi - Nyumba zetu ni safi)

Side note, most (if not all) nouns in the noun class 'I/Zi' remain the same in singular and plural

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