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"One meter"

Translation:Un metro

March 31, 2013



why is "uno metro" not accepted?


Because it's not right. Uno is shortened to un when it's used in anyway besides as a lone number ("uno dos tres" or "soy uno de muchos")


Does that mean there is not way to distinguish between ´ameter and ´one meter even when you want to emphasize ´one` (rather than two or more)?


Someone gave an example in another place that helped me. "How many books do you have?" ''I have one (un) book.'' or ''I have one (uno).''


In English "one" is used instead of "a" for emphasis relatively often, but in the end "a metre" and "one metre" mean the same thing. "A" or "an" is our version of "un". The difference, of course, is with feminine objects which use una and they, as well, have no emphatic alternative.

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