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Previously studied exercises get harder?

I'm coming back to Duolingo after a break and tried doing the initial basic exercises as a refresher but they seem to be including verbs/nouns from later modules (e.g. the very first lesson of "Basics 1" now has words from "Adjectives 1"). Is there a way to "reset" the modules so you can start from scratch again. It seems a bit pointless having individual modules when they all melt into one. Do I have to delete my account to start again?

March 31, 2013



I noticed this also, but I am happy with it. (I can see a scenario tho', if you are coming back after a very long time where you might want a complete reset).


I'm happy with it too. I go back and redo lessons frequently and having unexpected or harder sections added I find stops the monotony of revising.

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I agree, they should allow you to repeat lessons and have them be same as when you first did them, not harder. The way it's set up now makes it harder to review material and get caught up if you need to. I recently wanted to show my young siblings some basic Spanish and let them try out Duolingo when they visited, but I had to let them try another language that I hadn't progressed in so they could see the most basic material. Not a huge deal, but ideally basic review should be more accessible than it is currently.


Personally, I am generally happy that the lessons begin to include more content. You have to go back and review old lessons, and it makes it a bit less of a chore.

Plus, there is more material in the early lessons than you can get in just one pass. My son and I are both doing French. He has only done the first two units, but he has had a few words and phrases which I have not seen. I assume they will eventually come up for me as I repeat those lessons.


I agree with jeffers. I go back and review old lessons very frequently, so having them become more difficult as I progress makes it more enjoyable. Perhaps they can incorporate an option that would 'reset' a module for those who choose to do so.


Yes, on the whole it works fine and I can sort of see why they use this format (encouraging use of newly learned material). It just makes it really difficult (and quite demotivating) coming back to it after a break. There is no way to really touch up/refresh on a particular area as they all have the same content now. I could pick the hardest module I've studied or the basics module, but they would both feature identical words, content and difficulty).

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"You have to go back and review old lessons, and it makes it a bit less of a chore."

Why have an option for repeating lessons if they're not the same as they were, unless it's just for collecting more hearts than on your first go-round? There should be a distinction between the options of repeating lessons and practicing weakest words from a module. Other people who have had to step away from Duolingo for awhile have experienced the same problem and have said so before, just like Speak22. I think they should address this.

You could still go into a specific module and practice your words learned in that module by clicking the "Practice Skill" button without repeating individual lessons, and there's also the general "Practice Weakest Words" button, so there's no need to have the specific lessons become harder or include more content than previously. I think we could all have what we want with just a little tweak.


Why would you want to do the same thing over and over again? You aren't repeating a lesson so much as trying to take your learning further.


"Why would you want to do the same thing over and over again?"

Because that is a good form of practice (repetitive and dull maybe, but good), and practice makes perfect as they say. IG88 has hit the nail on the head when he says the previous modules are "not the same as they were". For instance, say I struggle on one of the early modules and so go back to strengthen this weak area, but instead of finding solely what I want to study I am also faced with harder words from later modules. I think it diverts the focus and makes this "revision" harder than it needs to be (e.g. failing the module sooner and consequently getting through fewer questions). Failing the very first lesson of the Basic module at Level 8 due to the inclusion of more intermediate words/patterns is a bit of a downer!

I understand what Duolingo were aiming for with their current format (an adaptive learning which increases its difficulty with the user's level) but there needs to be a way to bypass this difficulty level for cases like mine (when returning after a hiatus). I am a Level 8 but could do with being seen as a lower level to help get back into it. If there was just an "easy" setting that would let you see an exercise as if for the first time that would be helpful.


I think it's brilliant—how do they do that? But yes, if you are retuning after a long gap, it might be discouraging.


Yes, I've noticed this also.


I like that the old lessons incorprate material from later lessons, especially the later verb tenses. Most senses are in the present indicative tense when first learning the lesson, and this way those other tenses get reinforced.

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