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"Dia adalah pimpinan bank itu."

Translation:She is the leader of that bank.

September 25, 2018



hi, just wondering if anyone can please explain when you would use 'pimpinan' versus 'pemimpin'?

also, in reference to being the leader of a bank (or any other large corporation) may i suggest 'head' as a more natural sounding translation in english? that is, 's/he is the head of that bank'.


It is very hard to predict what english translation you guys will accept. This is very frustrating. many times the answer is bad english so I try to think like a 4 year old but the success rate is still very low. ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH beware of the rabbit.


In Australia you say ' the head of a bank' not a leader


But it's not English we are learning here. It can be frustrating but if you look at the structure of the sentence in Indonesian, it makes sense and with this immersive learning style, understanding the underlying structure makes a big difference. And, it's still in beta. :)


The Indonesian guys who translates this need to go for english course first


If you want to say "she is the head of that bank", "kepala" is probably better than "pimpinan". We learned that "Kepala" is a head as a body part, but it also means "chief" or "head" of an organization.

"Leader" in this original sentence does not necessarily mean she is the head of the bank. She might be one of team/division leaders working for that bank.


Boss is also not accepted


I just put is the answer she is a leader of that bank. Is there a reason why "a" leader is not acceptable?


why is it "she" it could also be "he" Btw your English translation is pathetic !

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