"Ini kucing biasa."

Translation:This is an ordinary cat.

September 25, 2018

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Got marked wrong for "This cat is ordinary"


"This cat is ordinary" = Kucing ini biasa.


Can you help explain why it works this way?


Thanks! These forum posts are great. Although it would be much more educational if there was an entire lesson (relatively early on) focusing on word order and these kind of things. I find it very hard to get the hang of these things implicitly from the current lessons. Particularly for us that aren't native English speakers, but try to learn a new language through English.


I am not a native English speaker, but I am not sure if there is any difference between "this is an ordinary cat" and "this cat is ordinary". Can someone please outine the difference in Bahasa/English to that extent?


The difference is subtle, "this is an ordinary cat" describes -an animal- as being just a cat and "this cat is ordinary" describes -this cat- as being ordinary.


Very similar to @RobertSevc, I am also confused about the difference in meaning. Are you saying that "This is an ordinary cat" implies that it was previously not known if it was a cat or not (e.g. maybe a tiger), whereas "This cat is ordinary" implies that it was previously clear that it was a cat, but not whether it was ordinary or not (e.g. having some super-power)?


.. if this is correct, is this subtle difference more obvious to a Bahasa Indonesia speaker than an English speaker? Or just as subtle?


Duolingo need training. "this cat is ordinary" follows normal speech patterns. Should be correct.

This cat is fat This cat is skinny This cat is ordinary

Normal speech patterns.

Thanks. Phil


If you want to translate the meaning, then both translations are fine, but we need to learn the structure of the grammar here. Words like ini function as a copula (ie. the word IS), and it's important to be very aware of that because English is so different.

When you want to put this phrase into a larger sentence, the grammatical difference matters, ie. "this is an ordinary cat except that he..." is different to "this cat is ordinary that he..." (the second doesn't really make sense).

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I put "this ordinary cat" but I realized that that's "kucing biasa ini"

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the order...


In English, there is no difference in the meaning of the two sentences. The use of the indefinite article "an" is purely subjective. The noun "cat" is undefined in both sentences, so no difference is present.


"This cat is ordinary"

This is correct. Duolingo please look at this answer.


Yes the meaning is similar in this context, but it is wrong. If you take out "biasa" "ordinary" it is the difference between saying "Ini kucing" "This is a cat" and "Kucing ini" "This cat". So you need to know the difference.


Fair enough - thanks for the correction!


= This cat is ordinary


Menurut saya setiap kucing luar biasa.


I thought I'm the only one who wrote "this cat is ordinary" wkwkkwkwkwkw

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