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  5. "Mereka naik ojek."

"Mereka naik ojek."

Translation:They take taxibikes.

September 25, 2018



My dictionary uses 'motorcycle taxi' as translation for ojek.


I think that paints a much clearer picture than taxibike.


However my bigger dictionary does not dare to give a translation, just a definition: oj├ęk (J) bicycle or motorcycle put to use as an inexpensive means of hired transportation; the passenger sits behind the driver and is driven to his destination for a fee. This definition includes non-motorised bicycles.


Ojek is what you take when you're too cool for angkot, or need to get somewhere quickly.

They've modernised the ojek service in the past few years too. You can get GO-JEK! Which is like Uber for ojek hahaha

You can check out the app's website here if you are interested:



I was going to add that last time I was in Indonesia (July) Go-jek had rocketted in popularity and has branched out similarly to Uber, offering Food delivery and various other types of delivery services.

Gojek and the Singaporean Grab were so popular that it seemed traditional taxis roaming the streets (in Bandung in particular) had all but disappeared.


I had to look it up. I have always seen that referred to as a bicycle rickshaw.


The bicycle rickshaw is something different (known in Indonesia as a "becak", with a sort of carriage attached to a bike. Ojek tends to be public transport by motorbike, where you sit on the back of a standard motorbike as the passenger.


Terima kasih. The definition I saw may have been a little confusing.


Understandably confusing as the "taxibike" is a bit of a foreign concept that doesn't really have a standard translation in English. And this course doesn't even accept "motorbike" as an alternative to "motorcycle" yet for some questions...


It doesn't seem that safe to me...?


Of course its not safe, welcome to Indonesia! lol


The drivers supply helmets. It's the best - & cheapest- way to get around.


"They ride on motorcycle taxi".

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