"Mana tas terbesar yang Anda jual?"

Translation:Which is the biggest bag that you sell?

September 26, 2018

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Is "Where is the biggest bag you sell?" acceptable?

I know Mana = "Where", Yang Mana = "Which" but since the "Yang" is separated from the "Mana" I'm not sure which applies.


/mana/ is not only 'where'. It's also 'which'. Usually when used for location, it's used along with /di/, so it would be /Di mana(kah) tas terbesar yang Anda jual?/


"Which is the biggest bag that is sold by you?" should also be an acceptable translation, since the /yang/ clause can indicate a passive mood.


Mana tas and tas mana are correct? I remember there was 'arah mana' in the previous lesson

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