"We stop again."

Translation:Lagi-lagi kami berhenti.

September 26, 2018

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Why is "Kami lagi-lagi berhenti" not accepted? In the other exercices, the adverb has been located between the subject and the verb. Is "lagi-lagi" an exception that always has to be placed in the beginning of the sentence?


What is wrong with "Kami lagi berhenti"?


What is wrong with "Kami lagi berhenti"?

Kami lagi berhenti = We are currently stopping.
Kami berhenti lagi = We stop again.

'lagi' can have a different meaning depending on the position in the sentence.
'lagi' when put in front of the verb (as part of the predicate), has the same meaning as 'sedang' , indicating that the action is still going on (present continuous).

Kami lagi berhenti = Kami sedang berhenti.


Can we use 'telah' here? Like, "lagi-lagi kami telah berhenti", which means "we stopped again". I heard "telah" used for expressing past sentence. So i'm not sure does it work or not


I think it works.


unfortunately i can't seem to report this one directly from the question...

for 'we stop again' we seem to be given two correct options:

'lagi-lagi kami berhenti', and 'lagi-lagi kita berhenti'

i selected the option with 'kita' and was marked wrong, but i don't see without any context that we can determine whether the 'we' should be 'kami' or 'kita'.


Yes, you're right.
They should both be acceptable, and already fixed by now.


Guys it's fine, indos don't really care how u arrange the word, they'll understand lol

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