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"Der Entwickler mag den Leiter."

Translation:The developer likes the leader.

March 31, 2013



What if I want the developper to like the ladder?


Then you'd have to say "die Leiter".

  • die Leiter = the ladder

  • der Leiter = the leader


Those differences are very subtile for beginners, aren't they?


I don't think this is too difficult per se. The problem is rather that Duolingo's dictionary doesn't support separate entries for homographs.


I agree NOW. I thought difficult because I didn't know the word "ladder"...Lol


Is there a significant difference between "der Leiter" and "der Führer"?


I think der Leiter is more like leader in a job, it is his job role and der Führer is more like natural leader of others, community or a nation... Not every Leiter is also Führer and vice versa :-) "der Führer" is often linked to Hitler, who assigned this title to himself, so use it carefully


leiter = leader - could be used also "boss"?


I also answered as 'boss', but it was not accepted. The proposed answers are '• The developer likes the head. • The developer likes the leader.' , so using 'boss' makes sense. I reported about it.


Sometimes a team will have a "leader" (head would be an uncommon term in this case) assigned to a particular project. It just means that this person provides guidance and leadership for that particular project, but doesn't mean this individual is the line manager who gives general orders, makes hiring or salary decisions, etc. In other words, he or she is just a leader, not "the boss". That's only the English explanation, I am not sure that this is the same usage for "Leiter" in German.


danke christian


Is "inventor" not an acceptable translation of Entwickler?


Der Erfinder = the inventor.

[deactivated user]

    One of the alternate solutions is odd. The developer likes the head, The head is sometimes used to refer to the toilet (derived from the days of sailing vessels and going to the front of the ship - they had to be careful of the wind direction).

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