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"You are cooking beans with tomatoes"

Translation:Unapika maharage na nyanya

September 26, 2018



"Wewe unapikia maharagwe na nyanya" should be also a correct answer


Yes, if you're cooking for the beans, sure.


My mother was born and raised in zanzibar and the official language in zanzibar is swahili. So I am going to believe what she is saying since it is her mother tongue. She said that the correct answer is the answer that I have suggested. And for your information "wewe " means "you" not " for".


I have no idea why you thought I was referring to "wewe"!!?

I was referring to the fact that you used the applicative verb kupikia. "to cook for/with/in" rather than the plain transitive verb kupika "to cook".

I suppose it could also mean "cook with" but saying "cook with beans" is not quite the same as simply saying "cook beans".

Ninakupikia. = I'm cooking for you.

Ninakupikia maharag(w)e. = I'm cooking beans for you. / I'm cooking you beans.

Ninakupika. = I'm cooking you. (!?! i.e. you are the meal)

Ninapika maharag(w)e. = I'm cooking beans.

Ninapikia maharag(w)e. = I'm cooking for/with beans.


It was misspelled, I meant to write "kupika" not "kupikia".


Ah, haha, all this discussion over one extra letter :-)


Yeah ,but I didnt see that answer.


This extra letter really taught me a lot:-)


Does 'wewe" before unapika maharage na nyanya make the sentence incorrect?

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