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  5. "Ya, silakan."

"Ya, silakan."

Translation:Yes, please.

September 26, 2018



This is a common mistake made by textbooks as it is used to further teach the language but, silakan does not exactly mean please. It's meaning is closer to "go ahead" or "help yourself". You would not use it when you're asking someone a favor, or when you are requesting food at a table. "Mohon" is somewhat similar to please I suppose. (E.g. Mohon maaf means "please forgive me", or "I ask you to forgive me".)


If "silakan" can't mean "please come in", when the latter is in the drop-down menu of "silakan", then what does mean "please come in"?


'silakan masuk' is 'please come in', but if the context is obvious, like you knock on someone's door and they answer it, they will often just say 'silakan' in my experience


How would you translate 'yes, please' properly?

In a way that I could say that when someone offers me something

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