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Ukrainian Youtubers?

Привіт, намагаюся вчити українську мову и я роблю дуже добре зараз, але можна сказати мені якщо вони знають добрі буд-які українські ютубери? Думаю що могу лучще з цим - дякую!

Hello! I am trying to learn Ukrainian and I am doing quite well at the moment, but can anyone tell me if they know any Ukrainian Youtubers? I think that I can do a lot better with it - Thanks!

September 26, 2018



Pad0n is quite cool, my favorite Ukrainian-language gaming channel, although he speaks quite fast, it's a good listening exercise.

I love the TV show Inspector Freimut, even without subtitles, she speaks very clearly and you can understand a lot of what she is doing by the context alone, it's great.

UkrTrashDub 2.0 is the best Ukrainian-language channel on Youtube hands down, not only that but they also have ukrainian subtitles for everything.


It may be a year later, but you've brought joy into my life with these channel suggestions my friend!


В тебе це дуже чудово виходить)


https://youtu.be/XlZGw_PFAZQ Англо-українська версія з двомовними титрами. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM11gtQC_Kc


try to watch Одного разу під Полтавою or Танька і Володька


Hello, Easy Ukrainian - Learning Ukrainian from the Streets is interesting to watch not a "youtuber" but hopefully helpful nonetheless :)

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