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Ukrainian Youtubers?

Привіт, намагаюся вчити українську мову и я роблю дуже добре зараз, але можна сказати мені якщо вони знають добрі буд-які українські ютубери? Думаю що могу лучще з цим - дякую!

Hello! I am trying to learn Ukrainian and I am doing quite well at the moment, but can anyone tell me if they know any Ukrainian Youtubers? I think that I can do a lot better with it - Thanks!

September 26, 2018



Pad0n is quite cool, my favorite Ukrainian-language gaming channel, although he speaks quite fast, it's a good listening exercise.

I love the TV show Inspector Freimut, even without subtitles, she speaks very clearly and you can understand a lot of what she is doing by the context alone, it's great.

UkrTrashDub 2.0 is the best Ukrainian-language channel on Youtube hands down, not only that but they also have ukrainian subtitles for everything.


It may be a year later, but you've brought joy into my life with these channel suggestions my friend!


ANDREY MARTYNENKO ,Kulibin TV,Dilleron play,YanGo,SlivkiShow,EeOneGuy,Мопс дядя Пес,but they primarily speak in Russian cuz Russian language is more popular in Ukraine than Ukrainian so you can watch Ukrainian show like Детектор брехні,Я соромлюсь свого тiла,поloveинки, Хата на тата ,Кохана ми вбиваємо дітей,мiняю жiнку.


В тебе це дуже чудово виходить)


https://youtu.be/XlZGw_PFAZQ Англо-українська версія з двомовними титрами. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM11gtQC_Kc


try to watch Одного разу під Полтавою or Танька і Володька


Hello, Easy Ukrainian - Learning Ukrainian from the Streets is interesting to watch not a "youtuber" but hopefully helpful nonetheless :)


Hello, I know, what you need for?)))

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