"I sing."

Translation:Saya bernyanyi.

September 26, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Both "bernyani" and "menyani" are correct. In which context would one be more appropriate over the other?


    As far as I know, there is no difference between those two verbs.
    They are synonyms according to the official dictionary :

    menyanyi/me·nya·nyi/ v bernyanyi;



    There is a grammatical difference. Although the meaning of both would be "I sing". Saya menyanyi is grammatically incorrect. Me- + nyanyi(transitive verb) requires an object, e.g. Saya menyanyi lagu (a song). Ber + nyanyi (intransitive verb) does not. To just say "I sing" would be saya bernyanyi


    Why is this sentence in a practice about me-verbs? Shouldn't it rather be in the ber-verb practice?


    Right? And why would it randomly throw a ber- verb that hasnt even come up in any if the earlier ber- exercises? Ruins my streak man. Irritating


    Absolutely non sense ! This is the me-verb practice


    I got it right with "menyanyi". I think they also repeat stuff from earlier skills as part of the spaced repetition system

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