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  5. "क्या तुम पानी लोगी?"

"क्या तुम पानी लोगी?"

Translation:Will you take water?

September 26, 2018



"Will you have some water?" Should also be correct


In North America we say have or drink water. Take is purily Indian English.


I don't know in English but in French, we say same than Indian English, we say "Prendre un verre" "To take a glass" or "Tu prendras de l'eau ?" "You will take water ?" Each langage has its particularity, here, we learn Indi... and more in forum ;-)


This is the literal translation in English and the meaning is implied. It's not like North American English isn't bastardised in its own ways. Language is pliable.


I actually didn't understand the intended meaning until i saw the comment above

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