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Complaints from a native Chinese speaker

First, I have to express my gratitude to Duolingo, since it helped me learn several foreign languages. Still, I have some complaints about the Chinese course in English. The reason I take the Chinese course is that I wanted more exps and trophies, and you can criticize me for this; however, when I take the booster test, I almost got every Chinese-to-English translating question wrong, sometimes just because I used abbreviations such as "it's." I wished that I were a professional bilinguist and a professional translator so that I would have contributed to the course.

September 26, 2018



I am going to agree, the Chinese section needs a lot of work. One thing you will do is to learn the duolingo way of translation and then you can test out of each section. Or, you can also hit the flag and complain. This seems to be effective for other languages.


Many thanks, I will take your advice. BTW, what is the way to know if my answer is accepted after I have reported my new translation?


It's takes time. But I have seen it change within a week. Either way, if you are a native speaker and it doesn't like your answer, just restart the test and remember the answer duolingo liked


I got a bunch of notifications of changes just two days ago


ZizhanWu, I'm native Russian speaker with fluent English. I'm currently learning Chinese and I look for native Chinese speaker who knows English and is interested in learning Russian. If you want to give it a try, please, contact me in WhatsUp. Here's a link for my Chinese group. I wanted to leave my email, but it's prohibited by the site rules.

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