"Kiam vi volas manĝi?"

Translation:When do you want to eat?

September 26, 2018



Ĉi tiu leciono ne havas sonon...denove, tiel mi ne povas provi fini mian ekzercoj sen erroj....tio signifas ke mi ne povas gajni ekstra punktoj... Mi ne plendos ĉar Duolingo estas senpaga, sed estus bona afero se ili riparu ĝin.

October 9, 2018


again: there was no sound

September 26, 2018


from that comment:

Please help spread the word that when there is no sound, this is a Duolingo issue. There is nothing that the forum participants or even the Esperanto course team can do about it. Support supposedly knows, but it may be helpful for learners to continue to file bug reports so that they know it continues to be an issue and that people care about this.

To file a bug report, go to support.duolingo.com

September 27, 2018


And as always....

To hear Esperanto go to Esperanto Variety Show on YouTube.


October 2, 2018


The audio sounds like he's saying, "Kiel vi volas manĝi?" (How do you want to eat?) Which is a valid question, depending on the circumstance it's used in (as is the case with many of these phrases)

Other than brute force memorizing that this particular one wants "Kiam", I'm not going to get it... This is the third time I've made the exact same error for the exact same reason.

April 8, 2019


I can see why this one is difficult, but to me it was clear that he was saying "kiam". I could believe "kion" - but not "kiel." Sometimes using a different device or headphones or speakers helps... otherwise just consider it ear training.

April 8, 2019
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