"Bagaimana cara menggambar grafik yang benar?"

Translation:What is the right way to draw a graph?

September 26, 2018

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I am a little confused about the intended meaning of the Indonesian sentence. Is it "cara yang benar" ("the right way") or "grafik yang benar" ("the right graph")?


I too was a bit confused on how benar could be the modifier for the verb and not the object when it's so far away in the sentence.


Just like your speaker mispronounces the word baca, they are mispronouncing the word cara. If you think of the old spelling as being “tjara,” then you would correctly pronounce cara as sounding like the beginning of the English name “Charles.”


to plot data points on a graph memplot titik data pada grafik


I am a native speaker of Indonesian language.

  1. The pronunciation of cara is wrong, sounds like care in English.
  2. This answer should also be accepted: "How to draw the graph correctly?" 3, The direct translation of "Bagaimana" is "How" not "What".

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Why hasn't the pronounciation of "cara" been resolved if it was reported more than a year ago? For those of use trying to learn accurate Bahasa it doesn't help if we are taught incorrect words/phrases/pronounciations on this website.


Grafik may mean ‘plot’ in some circumstances, but in this context the translation ‘graphic’ is correct.


Yes, please report it, so that it can be fixed.


Cara is being pronounced with a hard C instead of a 'Ch' sound.


The pronunciation had been fixed. Terima kasih!

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