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"Dia menghadapi Tini di dapur kami."

Translation:She faced Tini in our kitchen.

September 26, 2018




menghadapi (pasif: dihadapi, kuhadapi, kauhadapi, akar: hadap)


hadap, berhadapan (dng), berhadap-hadapan, menghadap, menghadapi, menghadapkan, memperhadapkan, terhadap, hadapan, penghadapan, bersehadap

menghadapi [KAMUS SEASITE]

hadap : : : Bertemu muka.

Definisi Singkat : • across; side; facing in a certain direction. Also BER--AN, MENG-, MENG--I, +

Definisi Inggris : • 1 across. 2 side. 3 facing in a certain direction. *BER--AN: 1 face, front on. 2 be faced with. 3 face to face. *MENG-: 1 face, look out. 2 make a formal appearance before s.o. *MENG--I: face, be up against (difficulties). *TER-: 1 about, concerning. 2 to, toward. *-AN: 1 front. 2 future. 3 presence. PER--AN: confrontation.

Contoh : Chicago Bulls akan bertanding BERHADAPAN dengan Phoenix Suns minggu ini. => The Chicago Bulls will compete FACE TO FACE with the Phoenix Suns this week.
Sebentar lagi saya akan MENGHADAP pak direktur. => In a moment I am going to GO BEFORE the director.
Untuk MENGHADAPInya diperlukan strategi yang jitu. => To FACE her a precise strategy is required.
Kurang ajar TERHADAP orang tua adalah dosa yang besar. => Acting rude TOWARD an elder is a big sin.
Orang yang kau cari sudah ada di HADAPANmu! => The person you are looking for is already there in FRONT OF you.


Wiktionary bahasa Indonesia




Based on those definitions and the one from here, https://kbbi.web.id/hadap I think "confront" can be an acceptable translation of "menghadapi"


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