"There are thirty one days in July, August, October, and December."

Translation:Ada tiga puluh satu hari di bulan Juli, Agustus, Oktober, dan Desember.

September 26, 2018

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Wrote 31 - can't this be accepted?

[deactivated user]

    I think not. That would be 31. :-)


    Quickly becoming a bit tedious


    The original text is obscured by the possible answers.


    Does it mean something different or sound really weird if I write /Ada tiga puluh hari pada bulan Juli, Agustus, Oktober, dan Desember./ instead?

    For dates and times, I've usually heard that "pada" is the "baku" preposition to use. If I substitute "pada" for "di" in the DuoLingo English translation of this sentence, what do I miss?


    pada is more accurate than di for this sentence


    I looked and looked again and the only thing that I see that is different is that I didn't capitalize the names of the month, which, as of yet, has not been counted as a mistake... ... Does this mean at this point capitalization and punctuation will matter??

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