"I am not sad, I am happy."

Translation:Saya tidak sedih, saya bahagia.

September 27, 2018

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why are there two words for happy? I always use senang,why bahagia?????


evebergin1, "senang" and "bahagia" are synonymous but both also have a slightly different meaning as "bahagia" is higher level version of "senang".

For example:

  1. Apa kamu senang sekarang?

  2. Apa hidupmu bahagia sekarang?

Please also see my comment for c3trash.


What is the difference between bahagia and senang?


c3trash : compared to "happy" , "bahagia" has the higher level of a person's heart in his contentment/happiness.

We can also refer to this link https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28562373/Kami-bahagia


So bahagia would be more of I'm happy with my life but I of course I feel sad once in a while?

And senang is more I'm glad I didn't get a parking ticket?



We may describe it as follows:

Bahagia is more stimulated from internal factors [e.g., our heart] whereas senang is more by external factors.

(1) Example of "bahagia":

When we're gathering with our family or someone that we love, we feel "bahagia". We will remember it for a long period of time.

[When you stated, "I'm happy with my life but of course I feel sad once", you may describe "bahagia" like that, but I am still not sure about the "I feel sad once" part. Because: when we added "I feel sad once", it mean that: we are bahagia but sometimes we are not bahagia].

(2) Example of senang:

When we eat delicious foods, we feel "senang". But, it's ended soon after we finished the foods.

[So, "I didn't get a parking ticket" may also included as "senang". Your happy is caused by "no parking ticket"].

Nb: Oftentimes, "senang" and "bahagia" can also be used interchangeably.

Question: "Bagaimana perasaanmu sekarang? [How do you feel now?]"

Answer: "Aku senang" or "Aku bahagia".

Also, both may be used together.

Question: "Bagaimana perasaanmu sekarang? [How do you feel now?]"

Answer: "Aku senang dan bahagia!".

There are some articles that explain the difference between "senang" and "bahagia." For example, we can read the explanation further in this link https://m.glitzmedia.co/post/wellness/health-body/apa-perbedaan-antara-kebahagiaan-dan-kesenangan.

However, the article is written in Indonesian. We can use a translator but be careful, "senang" and "bahagia", perhaps, would be translated as the same word, ie. "happiness/happy".

[deactivated user]

    Why is "Saya BUKAN sedih, saya bahgia" wrong?


    Halo teman! The word "bukan" is used with nouns, noun phrases. Since "sedih" is an adjective in the sentence, then it cannot accept "bukan", but "tidak".

    Selamat belajar! :)


    "Aku tak sedih, aku bahagia" - got it as wrong.


    'Tak' makes sense more in Malay than Bahasa. But you'll find it more in Bahasa literature, like in songs or novels, than in daily conversations.

    We usually say 'tidak' for formal speech or 'enggak/nggak/gak/ga' (they have same sound) for informal speech.


    It should be accepted. But, "saya tak sedih" is informal.

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