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  5. "I am not sad, I am happy."

"I am not sad, I am happy."

Translation:Saya tidak sedih, saya bahagia.

September 27, 2018



why are there two words for happy? I always use senang,why bahagia?????


evebergin1: senang and bahagia are synonymous but both have a slightly different meaning as bahagia is higher level version of senang.

For example:

  1. Apa kamu senang sekarang?

  2. Apa hidupmu bahagia sekarang?

Please, kindly see my comment for c3trash.


What is the difference between bahagia and senang?


c3trash : compared to "happy" , "bahagia" has the higher level of a person's heart in his contentment/happiness.

You may also refer to this link https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28562373/Kami-bahagia


So bahagia would be more of I'm happy with my life but I of course I feel sad once in a while?

And senang is more I'm glad I didn't get a parking ticket?



We may describe it as follows:

Bahagia is more stimulated from internal factors [e.g., our heart] whereas senang is more by external factors.

1.. Example of bahagia:

When we're gathering with our family or someone that we love, we feel "bahagia". We will remember it for a long period of time.

[When you stated, "I'm happy with my life but of course I feel sad once", you may describe "bahagia" like that, but I am still not sure about the "I feel sad once" part. Because: when we added "I feel sad once", it mean that: we are bahagia but sometimes we are not bahagia].

2.. Example of senang:

When we eat delicious foods, we feel "senang". But, it's ended soon after we finished the foods.

[So, "I didn't get a parking ticket" may also included as "senang". Your happy is caused by "no parking ticket"].

NB: Oftentimes, "senang" and "bahagia" can also be used interchangeably.

Question: "Bagaimana perasaanmu sekarang? [How do you feel now?]"

Answer: "Aku senang" or "Aku bahagia".

Also, both may be used together.

Question: "Bagaimana perasaanmu sekarang? [How do you feel now?]"

Answer: "Aku senang dan bahagia!".

There are some articles that explain the difference between "senang" and "bahagia." For example, you may read it in https://m.glitzmedia.co/post/wellness/health-body/apa-perbedaan-antara-kebahagiaan-dan-kesenangan.

However, it is written in Indonesian. You may use translator but be careful "senang" and "bahagia", perhaps, will be translated similarly as happiness/happy.

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