"Siang ini saya mencari ayam saya."

Translation:This noon I search for my chicken.

September 27, 2018

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This sentence needs rethinking in English.


Siang is hard to translate, if untranslatable. From the locals here, it means about 10am to 2pm, although some say only 10 to noon.


DL needs to use the word midday for siang.


I searched for my chicken at noon. At noon I searched for my chicken. At noon I will search for my chicken. But I would not accept This noon I search for my chicken.


"Siang ini" literally translates to "This noon", so i think it's more accurate. But yes, your translation is far more natural for English speakers.


Ayamku ada dua ekor. Se ekor jantan dan se ekor betina. Tiap hari 'ku beri makan di halaman di rumahku.


Dreadful sentences in this lesson. This one is very poor. And 'this dusk is cold' is also bad

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    No native English speaker would ever say 'this noon'. In fact, we never rewlly say noon anymore. Morning, afternoon, evening and night.


    On Bali, I learnt that "siang" is spoken as it is written, with a "s" in the beginning. Here, the voice speaks it more like "shiang". Dialect or mistake?


    I've been wondering this as well.


    yes, it is [siang]. The audio is wrong in this particular case. There are many other sentences where that word is spelled right


    No one ever says "this noon"


    Afternoon begins at 12:01 PM, so it's not a precise match for "siang" (which, as I understand, begins around 10-11 am).


    Halo teman! The word "siang" is translated to English as "morning" (in the time period from 10 am to 12 am) and "afternoon" (in the time period from 12.01 pm to 15 pm) as well. Then, the speaker would use the translation that can fit well in a context.

    Selamat belajar! :)


    But is the pronounciation correct?


    I have heard native speakers use "shiang" and "siang".


    I found no defect with the audio. On my Chinese phone, clearly it was pronounced with an S not Sh. Perhaps on iPhones it might sound like Sh?


    Knowing Duo, this means 2 things: (i) that chicken is now a fried chicken; (ii) it is with a portion of rice/fried rice.


    I agree this should be fixed. Please correct the English in this lesson! No one speaks like that.


    This noon? Really?


    Siang can also be before noon, so "this afternoon" may be correct, but is not implied, and other responses should be permitted.


    Looking for my chicken should be allowed too


    Most people are allowed to look for their chickens


    "This noon, I search for my chicken." Maybe similar to, "Today, I go for the gusto." (Calvin and Hobbes quote for all ye English experts.) Definitely a shade humorous.


    I take it the chicken will be sought at precisely high noon, so of course it can't be morning or afternoon as previous comments suggest. ;P

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      I'll search for my chicken at noon/this afternoon.


      I hope "I look for my chicken in this noon." for my learning English as well. If there were more such these English in Duolingo, I should do stop Duolingo.


      English sentence must be considering so as to current English in UK or USA.


      Siang would be mid-day or the hottest part of the day


      The "correct"translation offered is a shockingly awful piece of mangled English. Stuff like this makes me decide not to sign up for a paid version. It should be "At mid-day today I searched for my chickens" or "I was looking for my chickens at lunchtime" etc


      Agreed, but midday is not hyphenated.


      The 'best fit' for the translation of siang into English is afternoon (which includes noon but doesn't necessarily imply it)

      As noted by others siang begins at around 10 but this is due to the culture comprising of early risers and given it's proximity to the equator, dawn is pretty early all year round.


      Search and look for are very similar in meaning.


      I tried lunchtime as opposed to noon, seen as i was looking to "invite" my chicken to join me


      This afternoon I look for my chicken works well too. Less ambiguities


      I wrote the same as the answer and it still says im wrong.


      Th translation is nonsense. Look for the chook in the middle of the day

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