"Siang ini saya mencari ayam saya."

Translation:This afternoon I search for my chicken.

September 27, 2018



Afternoon begins at 12:01 PM, so it's not a precise match for "siang" (which, as I understand, begins around 10-11 am).

September 27, 2018


Halo teman! The word "siang" is translated to English as "morning" (in the time period from 10 am to 12 am) and "afternoon" (in the time period from 12.01 pm to 15 pm) as well. Then, the speaker would use the translation that can fit well in a context.

Selamat belajar! :)

September 27, 2018


This sentence needs rethinking in English.

October 10, 2018


Siang can also be before noon, so "this afternoon" may be correct, but is not implied, and other responses should be permitted.

January 7, 2019
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