"He and I."

Translation:Dia dan saya.

September 27, 2018



Please Duo. "He and I." as a complete sentence as it is here, or as an end to a longer sentence is NEVER "he and I". It is always "him and me." "He and I" can only be used when it is the subject of the sentence such as "He and I go swimming." Who went swimming? Answer "Him and me." In a real scenario the 'him' would likely be replaced by the name of the person. "It was John and me." Answers to questions invariably do not include the subject of the sentence as established in the question. As said, as a stand-alone statement it is still "him and me".

January 6, 2019


He and I are people who are doing something. He and I are eating chocolate. He and I are going to Bali.

Him and me are people who are having something dome to them. They gave chocolate to him and me. They took him and me to Bali.

July 22, 2019


This is a much better example than it was before - the English is correct - despite the correct, literal translation of [aku or saya = me or I], "him and me / me and him" did not fit, where as [i/t(s)he(y)] and I works.

Nice update, Duolingo.

October 16, 2018


Nice touch that Indonesian has the word 'dan' for 'and', which, of course, is its anagram. Great mnemonic!

June 15, 2019
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