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  5. "He learns Swahili every day"

"He learns Swahili every day"

Translation:Anajifunza kiswahili kila siku

September 27, 2018



when do you say Kiswahili and when Swahili ?


'Kiswahili' is the Swahili word for the word 'Swahili'. All languages have 'Ki-' as a prefix in Swahili


Say Kiswahili in Swahili. Say "Swahili" in English.

Some people insist on writing Kiswahili in English too, but to me that's a bit like saying "I've decided to learn Italiano once my Deutsch course is over. My cousin is learning Nihongo but I'm scared of learning a different way to write - let alone three of them!"


Why is it kila siku instead of siku kila? I thought the noun always comes first, followed by the modifier. But this is the opposite


this would be an exception. I guess another way of looking at it is considering what you would pose as the question so the given sentence is the answer i.e. in this case you'd ask about the frequency with which he learns Swahili, which is 'every day' - 'kila siku'. Whereas in cases of most descriptive adjectives, you're asking about a noun, which will come first in the Swahili translation. I'm not sure that this is the reason, but I believe it works out like that

I think in this case, 'kila siku' as a whole is the modifier


Ok, makes sense. Thank you!

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