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  5. "वह मेरा घोड़ा है।"

"वह मेरा घोड़ा है।"

Translation:That is my horse.

September 27, 2018



(चल मेरी घोड़ी टिक टिक टिक intensifies)


Couldn't this also be "He is my horse" or "She is my horse" ? I tried both and both were marked wrong.

Edit: I asked a native speaker and they said "yes" it could be He or She, but if it was "She is my horse" then it would be "वह मेरा घोड़ी है।" The word घोड़ा is male or generic/unknown.


'वह' is the equivalent of 'that'. 'He' and 'she' would be wrong in english as well, as horses are referred to in neutral gender.


He' and 'she' would be wrong in english as well,

In English, if you know the gender, it is normal to refer to horses as He or She.

Example 1: "Please sir. He's my horse." (from the book "War Horse")

Example 2: "Show him down a little, keep him steady" (From the book "A horse of her own" ) This is a good reference book for this point, because the book is filled with references to horses as "he" and "she."


That horse is mine


That is my horse not that us my horse


How can "वह" be "that" ."वह" means there


It is not वह but वहाँ

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