"Ini singa tergemuk yang pernah saya lihat."

Translation:This is the fattest lion that I have ever seen.

September 27, 2018

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I suggest "this lion is the fattest that I have ever seen" to be accepted as a correct solution


Hmm. I don't think so... Your proposed sentence is "SINGA INI tergemuk yang pernah saya lihat".

Please keep in mind that bahasa Indonesia is a "main thought comes first, adjunct follows" language. The original Duo sentence starts from "INI" followed by "SINGA". This word order implies that "singa" wasn't introduced in the previous sentences. The listeners don't know what this animal is in the first place. In this case, "ini" should be preceded by "singa".


you couldn't translate adj+noun separately. it should be one package.. and in indonesian its reversed as noun+adj "fattest lion" = "singa tergemuk" you the translation is already correct


Or explain why the above is not right?

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