"Él ni siquiera sabe."

Translation:He doesn't even know.

May 7, 2014


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I thought this section was past tense verbs . . . this is my second time losing a heart for translating this sentence into past tense.

May 14, 2014


Yes, kind of a dick move to slip in a present-tense verb in the past-tense lesson.

May 28, 2014


Dick move indeed. But I guess it does keep you on your feet. In real life scenarios there would be no cueing as to which tense is required.

July 5, 2014


I did same, what's going on?

April 13, 2018


You and me both. =^\

October 20, 2018


Why is "ni" used here instead of "no" as usual? Is it just because it's a phrase? Because I don't really understand when to use "ni"

July 16, 2014


Put ni siquiera in Google translate to see a clear use and translation

October 17, 2017


I am wondering this as well.

July 6, 2015


In a regular Spanish course in school they feequently mix tenses to be sure you ubderstand which form is present and which is past. Don't be mad at Duo because they do the same thing.

December 25, 2016


you can expect that when you choose review but not when you choose past tense. thank you had to get that one out

April 13, 2018


do any native spanish speakers use "ni siquiere" is regular conversation? can i see some examples of its use?

May 7, 2014


Veggie Tales Larry the Cucumber says "ni siquiera...". Bob translated it "can't even whistle."

June 6, 2018


Put ni siquiera in Google translate and you can see easily examples of the use, very clearly

October 17, 2017


What is different about "He doesn't even know" and "Not even he knows"? The latter was counted wrong. 7/05/14

July 5, 2014


I am confused about this as well, so I put it into google translate and here's what I got. "He doesn't even know. Not even he knows." = "Él ni siquiera sabe. Ni siquiera él lo sabe." 9/6/14

September 6, 2014


Those are two different sentences. Same words, two different meanings. "He doesn't even know" puts emphasis on his knowledge of something. "Not even he knows" puts emphasis on who all knows. My best guess.

February 18, 2018


I said not even he knows as well, it was counted wrong. What is this I don't even

July 11, 2014


I also wrote not even he knows.

December 17, 2014


I did the exact same thing. And it's still counted as wrong. 1/12/2016 I just wish I knew why...

January 12, 2016


ni siquiera él sabe -- google translate

November 20, 2017


Why is isn't "he didn't even know" accepted? I'm confused about didn't and doesn't...Help.

June 18, 2014


Because "sabe" is present tense. They threw it in, even though the lesson is in past tense, maybe to make sure we're really reading the sentences.

"Él no sabe." is present tense: "He doesn't know."
"He didn't know" would be: "Él no supo."

So, "He doesn't even know" = "Él ni siquiera sabe" "He didn't even know" = "Él ni siquiera supo."

June 23, 2014


Ahhh, Gracias!

June 25, 2014


Very helpful, Alexandria0. Thanks!

February 18, 2018


Scotty ni siquiera sabe.

October 6, 2015


12 May 2018 - Though I got it right, through thinking about it, I agree that Duo should take this sentence out of the past tense section. I do understand that it might be intentional to keep us on our toes, but it is only when students have grasped the present and past tenses fully, should you then mix them and you should do so in a separate section entitled: "present v. past" after all the present and past tense levels have been covered. Whilst going through all these crowns to perfect a single grammatical point can be very tedious at times, especially if there are 50 in a single level, but you do feel that you are making steady progress and retaining what you have learnt for good. Duo, please take this on board and change this verb to the "past" tense section or move this sentence into the "present" tense section. Thank you.

May 12, 2018


ella ni siquiera estudia aqui

February 27, 2015


Él es iempre lo último a saber... jajaja

April 10, 2017


I still do not understand why "ni" was used instead of "no". Can someone explain?

July 24, 2017


A couple questions ago 'ni siquiera' was 'did not even'. ('hubiera' was also in the sentence)

Now 'does not even'.

What is up with that?

August 6, 2014


Nothing is up with that! Stop and think.... Think of ni siquiera = "not even" - the tense (does or did) is determined by the verb. Sabe gives does NOT EVEN know; supo would give did NOT EVEN know.

November 2, 2014



November 3, 2014


Still no satisfactory answer why "Not even he knows" is not acceptable.

October 6, 2014


My best guess is that word order in Spanish is impacting the translation. In English there is a slight nuance in meaning when switching the word order.

"He doesn't even know" is indicative of a more specific ignorance or obliviousness on the part of the subject. I.e, "We just got hit by a big storm. There's debris all over the roads and traffic is a mess outside, but John missed it. He doesn't even know it happened."

Alternatively, "not even he knows" implies a broader ignorance where one specific person who may be in a position of greater authority is unaware of a certain situation. I.e, "John has been doing disaster relief work for many years and follows storm patterns in order to help prepare, but not even he knows how this storm may impact us."

Therefore, maybe the subtle difference in Spanish similarly makes it clearer for Spanish speakers that context prefers the first scenario order over the second...or perhaps it is just Duolingo rigidly focusing on word order because the original phrase began "él ni siquiera sabe" instead of "ni siquiera él sabe."

October 22, 2014


This has a different meaning, like: "Even he does not know" -- despite him being so clever; whereas "He does not even know" means he is more stupid than expected.

June 19, 2017


It sounds to me like the person is saying salve, which would make it past tense.

March 26, 2015


Wow i just unlearned Spanish with this one.

April 15, 2015


Uh, so what is the past tense of this?

April 15, 2015


Is there anyone else hearing 'mi' instead of 'ni'? Hearing it in the slow audio because the regular is too garbled on my browser.

August 31, 2015


As I understand it, saber also means 'understand', but I was marked wrong.

December 2, 2015


How would you say... He doesn't understand either.

February 26, 2016


Its correct

August 20, 2016


I typed he doesn't know in the least at it didn't accept it seems harsh

November 11, 2016


Why can't this be, " he at least knows how"

May 19, 2017


I translated it as "at least".

May 19, 2017


"He doesn't know either" was also marked wrong.

May 19, 2017


its not the best English He doesn't even know -(how to read) -" is ok " even he does not know" Any thoughts ?

June 30, 2017


Still cant hear the male voice ... Second word 'ni' sounded like 2 syllables!!

August 25, 2017


How is this the past tense?

April 22, 2018


It isn't past tense; it's present. I think....argugh!

April 22, 2018


Literally translated, it's "He neither even knows." Why not say "él no siquiera sabe?

October 1, 2018


I believe "Not even he knows" should also have been accepted.

January 4, 2019
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