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  5. "तुम्हारे हाथों में क्या है?"

"तुम्हारे हाथों में क्या है?"

Translation:What is there in your hands?

September 27, 2018



Why is "वहाँ" missing from this sentence? "what is in your hands?" is the translation here...


No, वहाँ is specifically when referring to a position. In the case of "What is there in your hands" the word 'there' is not referring to a position. It's the same usage as "There are many cows". You wouldn't say वहाँ कई गायें हैं, which would translate as "There are many cows there". So in this sentence "is there" = "है".

PS. If there was a comma, then you would be correct. "What is there, in your hands" would make 'there' positional.


yes, i believe that is the main translation for this sentence


What is वहाँ and when did we use it


Thanks, "What is in your hands?" was incorrect.


"what's in your hand" is marked incorrect


"हाथों" is plural so why not हैं instead of है?


"What do you have in your hands" was also marked incorrect.


sometimes you should use the word bank because then there are no way you can say it the wrong way


Just wondering why this is in the health section?


Why does it end with है and not हैं


I also asked this before and based from what I've learned, the है in the sentence does not refer to the hands or yourself but the thing that is in your hands. It means the sentence assumes that there is only a single object in the hands.

"तुमहरे हाथों में क्या है" in literal sense is "In your hands, what is (the thing)?" but what it really means is "What is there/(the thing) in your hands?"

I hope this helps :D


Yes Thank you very much

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