"Penyakitnya belum sembuh."

Translation:Her illness has not yet healed.

September 27, 2018

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I would tend to say that an illness or condition had not "improved." I would tend to use "healed" for wounds or injuries -- something that can be repaired, more or less.


I went and used "recovered", not sure if that's appropriate


I went with "cleared up". A bit idiomatic, but I am struggling to think if there is a precise word for this.


in English, an illness does not heal, patients heal! An illness also does not get well, the patient does. You could say "He is not yet healed from his illness" or "He has not yet recovered from his illness ", but "His illness is healed" or "His illness is recovered" are strange. If it is correct Indonesian, I can't think of a good direct translation in English.


very poor English


Duolingo, in the drop down menu of translations, gives 'get better' as a translation of sebuh. Why then, when i give my answer (as we would say in English) 'the illness has not got better' is it incorrect? Duolingo, you can be really sloppy, which is unacceptable as a linguistic app. Why dont you have more native English speakers checking your translations?


I also used "better".


it's just an uncomfortable sentence in English


Do you heal the patient or the illness?

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