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"Ο προφήτης είναι ιερός στην θρησκεία της."

Translation:The prophet is sacred in her religion.

September 27, 2018



Is a female prophet still 'ο προφήτης' , as here? I thought elsewhere on Duo gave a different answer, although I can´t now recall where or what it was, alas.


A female prophet is called (η) προφήτισσα. Even in cases where the male and the female forms are the same word, the article doesn't remain the same (eg: ο δημοσιογράφος/ η δημοσιογράφος = the journalist).

I hope this helps. :-)


Indeed, that´s what I recalled; but the sentence given here has the male form followed by a female possessive - which presumably is therefore incorrect - ?


The possessive pronoun doesn't match the possessed thing, but the possessor. Eg:

  • ο σκύλος του = his/ its dog
  • ο σκύλος της = her dog [της is used, although σκύλος is a masculine noun]

I hope this helps. :-)


It is possible to have a male prophet who is important in a girl/woman's religion. :) It is not necessary for the two genders to match.


Aha! I now understand the problem I had. I thought that ´her´ referred to ´the prophet´. But I see it can actually refer to some otherwise unidentified female, whose religion includes this male prophet. Thank you!


Yes it is wrong ... Ό προφιτης....του is correct, not ο προφήτης της... I am married with a Greek


The prophet (for example Elijah in christianity) is sacred in my girlfriend's religion (who is a christian). So, the prophet is sacred in her religion. That what the sentence is trying to say. Not that the prophet is sacred in the prophet's religion.

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