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The accented letters....

It took me quite a long time to understand the accented letters - spanish is quite monotone with equal weight given each syllable - except where there is an accentt which shows which syllable to emphasize. Agree?

6 years ago



Every word in Spanish has an accent or emphasis in one of the syllables. This accent isn't always written. There are several rules to know when you should use the written accent and when you shouldn't.

6 years ago


There's an implicit accent on the next to last syllable, unless an accent is written out somewhere else in the word. Accents are also used to separate single-syllable words that would otherwise be written the same, e.g. tu (your) tú (you)

6 years ago


Accent can indicate stress, or be used to distinguish homonyms, or to indicate a question ('donde' means 'where', whereas 'dónde' means 'where?').

5 years ago