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  5. "Now we will die."

"Now we will die."

Translation:DaH maHegh.

September 27, 2018



"DaH maHegh maH" is given as a possible translation. What is the meaning of the last "maH"?


It is a repitition of "we". The verb prefix ma- already tells us the subject, so putting the pronoun maH in the subject position is not necessary. However the repitition can act to emphasize, so it's like saying, "Now WE will die. (Perhaps instead of someone else.)"


WE (instead of someone else) would be accomplished by adding an -'e' to make maH'e'. That's focus. With just maH where it could be left off, you're emphasizing what the pronoun is without making it a focus.

DaH maHegh maH.
Now we (got that? WE) die.

DaH maHegh maH'e'
Now we (not someone else) die.

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