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"Es ist ja nicht so, als würde ich dich lieben oder so."

April 1, 2013



Is this translation accurate?


Yeah, I wanna say it's okay, but I'd add "or something/anything like that" to the English sentence to pick up on the "oder so". (something or anything? I am not sure in this case...)

I'm not sure how particular one has to be about "to be in love with someone" versus "to love someone" in English. I would translate the first one as "in jemanden verliebt sein" and the second one as "jemanden lieben". So technically, if one has to be strict about that the translation of the German sentence would have to be: "It is not as if I loved you or anything like that." Seems to me like Duolingo's translation would be more common to say though... what do you think?


Thank you, that makes sense. The step-by-step explanation really helps.

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