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  5. "Eu vou ao teatro."

"Eu vou ao teatro."

Translation:I am going to the theater.

May 7, 2014



Could I also say: "eu vou para o teatro" ?


Yeah, that's what you hear from natives. We use "ir para" almost all the time.


is "vou" present and future tense?

There's the possibility of confusing translations here, because of the different tenses that "vou" and "go" can have...I THINK?

Vou = am going now (present) / am going later (future) Go = past (is there a tense "past continuous?)


Eu vou ao teatro = I go to the theater / I will go to the theater / I'm going to the theater

Eu irei ao teatro = I will/am going to the theater

Eu vou ir ao teatro = bad future construction

Eu fui ao teatro = I went to the teather

Eu estava indo ao teatro = I was going to the theater

Eu ia ao teatro = I used to go to the theater.


Estou indo para o teatro tambem?


Yes, this is used for a near future or something that is going on at the time of speaking.


Go- Verbo Ir(present)

Eu vou Você vai Ele/Ela vai Nós vamos Vocês vão Eles vão

The same to will


Yes, usachs. "Go to" can be translated to "ir a/para".


Why ao?? Please help


a = to

o = the

a + o = ao

Prepositions can be tricky. Just hang in there and eventually you will get used to them.

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