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"Saya melihat dia setengah jam yang lalu."

Translation:I saw him half an hour ago.

September 27, 2018



This should be: I saw him a half hour ago. (An) half hour ago is incorrect


Half an hour ago is correct use in Uk, New zealand and Australia. We rarely use "I saw him a half hour ago." "An" is generally used when the next word starts with a vowel or sounds like a vowel, in this case the h is silent in "hour" . Hence the "an" .


I saw him "a" half hour ago or I saw him one half hour ago


In the above case we say "a half hour ago", because there are no bridging words before it to necessitate the use of "an". It doesnt really matter. I would guess the US version is just a derivitive of the original English. Language changes all the time , to suit the users.......


also it says i made a typo saying it should be i saw him a half hour ago when there was no choice for just A

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