"Saya melihat dia setengah jam yang lalu."

Translation:I saw him half an hour ago.

September 27, 2018

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This should be: I saw him a half hour ago. (An) half hour ago is incorrect


Half an hour ago is correct use in Uk, New zealand and Australia. We rarely use "I saw him a half hour ago." "An" is generally used when the next word starts with a vowel or sounds like a vowel, in this case the h is silent in "hour" . Hence the "an" .


In the above case we say "a half hour ago", because there are no bridging words before it to necessitate the use of "an". It doesnt really matter. I would guess the US version is just a derivitive of the original English. Language changes all the time , to suit the users.......


I saw him "a" half hour ago or I saw him one half hour ago


also it says i made a typo saying it should be i saw him a half hour ago when there was no choice for just A


Can I use " one hour ago?"


30 minutes ago?????

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