"Hujan di tengah hari."

Translation:Rain in the middle of the day.

September 27, 2018

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As it is this is a sentence fragment, it is correct English but cannot stand on its own except as a question "Rain in the middle of the day?".


"What do you hate the most? Rain in the middle of the day." "What does the weather forecast say about tomorrow? Rain in the middle of the day."


Why do people vote down comments that try to give a naturak context to the sentence?


A sentence in English needs to have a verb. The Indonesian sentence could be translated as: It rains at noon.


That's true generally. However, sometimes the verbs are implied or what we say is not a sentence. For instance one could say 'rain in the middle of the day... What a nightmare' or something in the lines of this. There's no verb there but there are two 'sentences' and they make perfect sense.


can it be to describe a regular "midday rain?


I would agree, but people on Duolingo always downvote my comments, so I guess I should disagree.


What is wrong with : Rain in the noon.

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