"I am not happy."

Translation:Saya tidak senang.

September 27, 2018

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Why is it senang and not bahagia?


When I was in South Sulawesi we often heard the phrases "hati sedih" or "hati senang" etc . Even "hati-hati" for "be careful". Is this regular Indonesian or was this a local usage? Don't want to use it in Bali if not appropriate. Thanks, Pete


I have heard the phrases you mentioned in Jakarta. I have found that, as a foreigner, anything I say that can be understood is a welcome translation. On rare occasions someone have very politely explained when my bahasa Indonesia was not an appropriate phrasing. When the first thing said to you is, You speak bahasa ... accompanied by a big smile, you know your attempted are very welcome.


I have also heard these phrases used throughout Java and other places


Please someone tell me the difference between senang and bahagia??????


'senang' is mostly used when the happiness is obtained from an external source, like when something good happens and you feel pleased or content.

'bahagia' usually refers to a deeper feeling of joy and peaceful satisfaction that is derived from within; which is why more serious things like National Anthems and National Pledges make use of this rather than 'senang'.


Bahagia, senang, gembira. All these words occur in different exercises and each one seems to mean "happy". Sometimes only one of them is accepted as correct answer. Very confusing.

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