"Kamu adalah pengecas harapan saya."

Translation:You are the charger of my hope.

September 28, 2018

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I think this is a strange sentence.


As a millennial who is rather dependent on a charger or two, this sentence makes perfect sense to me and I find it quite romantic :D

Whose hope doesn't need recharging every now and again?


This should probably go to the Flirting bonus skill, if this course has one.


...do you accept USB-C?


CHARGER is the wrong word The sense of the sentence is you are my driving force, the one who inspires me


I think it was intended to make an allusion to an electrical charger recharging your hopes and dreams, but it's such a weird sentence.


Don’t you hate it when you are the one person in a crowd who gets it right, but everyone else ignores you?

You are right that Duolingo has committed a grave mistake here in this terrible translation. “Pengecas” (from the root word “cas” derived from the English “charge”) has two meanings in Indonesian according to KBBI:

  1. something that increases the charge (of a battery etc.)

  2. something that refreshes (the mind, knowledge etc); provokes or stimulates more life in something, enlivens it, etc. “The discussion forum has served as a [refresher/recharger/revitalizer] for the thoughts of our journalists”

So a real translation of “Kamu adalah pengecas harapan saya” is something like “You are what stimulates my hope”, “You are the thing that revitalizes my hope”, “You are the provocation of my hope”, “You give energy to my hope”, “You enliven my hope”

Still a funny thing to say in English (we are more likely to just say “you give me hope”). But not as funny as implying that you plug my hope into a phone charger.


Very odd sentence, but now "pengecas" and "harapan" are both burned into my memory.


The English sentence, in isolation, has no meaning. If you build it into a rather "overcharged" paragraph it could be made to have a metaphorical meaning. But that's far beyond teaching us to speak standard Bahasa Indonesia.


Such a very weird sentence


Sounds like a Google Translate sentence!


This makes no sense in English


It's a pick up line for 12 year olds I guess.


If you had constructed "NORMAL" sentences it may be easier to translate. This is stupid sentence.

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