"Kamu adalah pengecas harapan saya."

Translation:You are the charger of my hope.

September 28, 2018



I think this is a strange sentence.

September 28, 2018


CHARGER is the wrong word The sense of the sentence is you are my driving force, the one who inspires me

October 21, 2018


As a millennial who is rather dependent on a charger or two, this sentence makes perfect sense to me and I find it quite romantic :D

Whose hope doesn't need recharging every now and again?

October 30, 2018


This should probably go to the Flirting bonus skill, if this course has one.

December 13, 2018


The English sentence, in isolation, has no meaning. If you build it into a rather "overcharged" paragraph it could be made to have a metaphorical meaning. But that's far beyond teaching us to speak standard Bahasa Indonesia.

January 8, 2019


...do you accept USB-C?

February 4, 2019
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