"My sister's toenail."

Translation:Kuku kaki kakakku.

September 28, 2018

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It is an Indonesian tongue twister. The problem is related to the question, which is "My sister's toenail." And I have to explain that in Bahasa Indonesia, when you say "kakak" it actually means an older sibling, period. And you can never tell the gender just by saying "kakak", unless you specify it behind "kakak". This is how you specify the gender: "Kakak" (older sibling) + the gender "perempuan" (female) = "Kakak perempuan" (older sister) or "Kakak" (older sibling) + the gender "laki-laki" (male) = "Kakak laki-laki" (older brother).


You're right about the gender.
Those answers that you mention are also accepted.
However, I cannot change the current Indonesian sentence without messing up other questions in the skill.


Rick, are you on the development team? Your comment above seems to imply that you are.


Yes, I'm currently working through the submitted reports and adding new translations.


If you need any help let me know. My Indonesian is still limited, but much more that what my Duolingo status indicates; however, my English is excellent. My boss, who is a qualified English teacher, comes to me first when proofreading other teachers' report comments. I have taught English in schools, but usually teach maths. From what I have seen so far, you seemed to have a good grasp of English grammar.


seemed or seem? both are be correct, but by reading your nice offer of assistance I doubt if it would be "seemed"


So even better would be: Kuku kaki kakaku laki laki ?


Close (I think). One more 'k' and possessive at the end==>"Kuku kaki kakak laki-lakiku


if i say this in public... people will throw me grains and seeds


hahhahhahahaha or try to call emergency medical to remove what ever is stuck in your throat. I send the weird sentences like this to one of my friends in Indonesia.


adik kok dianggap ga bener?


Kayaknya harusnya "adik" benar. Dalam bahasa Inggris gak ada kata-kata lain untuk adik/kakak, hanya "brother" untuk lelaki dan "sister" untuk perepmuan. Apakah kamu melaporkannya? (maaf kalo ada kesalahan wkwk)


This is funny!

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