"Dia menyanyi secara mantap."

Translation:She sings determinedly.

September 28, 2018

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'She sings with determination' is a better translation. I can't remember ever hearing 'determinedly' in my life.


'She sings with determination' is a better translation.

It's added to the list of acceptable answers.
Thank you.


"Determinedly" is a word that I have heard. I would say that the person on a talent show who sings while being dragged off the stage sings determinedly but the woman in "Casablanca" who led the people singing the French national anthem sang with determination.


sounds like the CCP instructing you how to sing 起来不愿做奴隶的人们


Secara and dengan are the same?


It really depends on the sentence context. But here's an example where both words have the same meaning, Dia berdiri dengan mantap, Dia berdiri secara mantap.


Kamu juga bisa pake ini untuk belajar bhs indo. situs itu bagus, ada banyak konten.


YES. THIS IS A TERRIFIC RESOURCE! I use it frequently to try to understand prefixes and suffixes! :) Plus, there are alot of cool articles, like the one on Bahasa Indonesian idioms.


(Question at the end ->)This is an unusual phrase. Boldly, powerfully, with strength, passionately, from your gut, etc are all normal, but I have had many, many voice lessons as a former music major and no one had ever asked me to sing determinedly. Nor have i ever heard one being described singing as such. It is odd. QUESTION: Is this considered a normal phrase in Indonesian?


I can imagine someone singing determinedly if they are under stress. For example, if about to be arrested or somehow hindered from singing.


Haven't you seen a TV talent show?

The judges say, "Please shut up," and the contestant sings determinedly.

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