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  5. "Julia does not love Neha."

"Julia does not love Neha."

Translation:जूलिया नेहा से प्यार नहीं करती है।

September 28, 2018



What's wrong with "जूलिया नेहा को प्यार नहीं करती है"?


I think if you use that formation it should be जूलिया नेहा से प्यार नहीं करती है


Why is को wrong?


It's just how it works in Hindi. Love is done 'from' somebody. For example मुझे तुमसे प्यार है (I love you) is literally "To me from you love is."


Why not pyar karte?


That's fascinating - the literal meaning is 'You love me' but it's translated as 'I love you'?


I'd say it's more like "you are loved by me" because it's still love going from speaker to object.


I'd say it's more like, "to me, from you, love is".

So instead of treating love (as in English) as a gift you give to the sentence's recipient, the gift is the feeling of love itself that the speaker gets to experience.

"Wow! Because of how wonderful you are, I get to feel these tingly loving feelings inside me. Thanks!"

Probably. I'm not Hindi. :)


It might be because certain verbs are से verbs rather than को verbs - for example उससे बोलना, उससे बात करना. The literal translations would be "speak from" and "talk from" even though what is mean is "speak/talk to". I myself am just learning though, so feel free to correct me if I'm off track here!

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Ko is used means she doesn't show affection. Ko pyaar karna is an usage for display of affection. Bache ko pyaar karna is basically Bache ko "laad" pyaar karna. As against bache se pyaar karna.


Why not जूलिया को नेहा नहीं प्यार करती है।??


It means Neha does not love Julia. Any native speaker?


Why 'pjaar nuhie kurtie' and not 'nuhie pjaar kurtie'? The verb is 'pjaar kurna' .


se is feelings but ko is action there are words which are related to the action only in one specific meaning and direction


प्यार करती I answered without the करती and it was wrong. Is the distinction that प्यार is a noun, but प्यार करती is a verb? As in, there is love, versus he loves.


I put जूलिया नेहा से नहीं प्यार करती है Is this way not acceptable?

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