"Ada tiga puluh satu hari di bulan Juli, Agustus, Oktober, dan Desember."

Translation:There are thirty one days in July, August, October, and December.

September 28, 2018

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I wrote 31 and it got wrong wth


These sentences are too long. I want to practice vocab & concepts but these feel more like a typing exercise, which is extra annoying if you're still doing it by clicking the words


Impossible to answer this correctly when not enough words are provided. This one is missing 'there'.


There are words missing from the answer options - 'one', 'October'


I am asked to type what hear and the marked incorrect for not translating into English.... ?????? can we fix this???


Interesting... first time I notice a comma before the "dan" of the last part of an ennumeration. Is that a rule in Bahasa?

(The comma is also there in English... I know that's not mandatory. Can you optionally do that, or is it plain wrong? I'm not good with English punctuation rules...)


Nonononononono no no nononono

Stop it please


Ada . Why was (there is) wrong. (there are) was right. But the info says Ada = there is or there are.

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