Learning the Hindi alphabet. Help please :)

I am trying to learn Hindi. But just the alphabet seems like quite a mouthfull. How do I get started? Right now I am just repeting the lessons again and again and again. So I am golden in Alphabet 1 (and think I can recognise these letters fairly well), alphabet 2 (and think I can recognise these letters so-so) and alphabet 3 (which I can't recognise well yet, so I'll continue this lessons even though I have level 5 (gold) already).

Can anyone suggest me some resources (free please) i.e. youtube, website, ??? that can help me learn and perhaps understand the alphabet.

September 28, 2018

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One thing I do when I don't know how to memorize the Hindi alphabet is make a small tune. This can vary with peoples minds. Or even searching up games online will help. --------- THis may help you~ it's some ideas to memorize alphabets

November 13, 2018
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